Val's music comes from the heart and his desire is to reach his audience through an emotional connection to his songs. His mission is to inspire and encourage his listeners as well as build their faith in times of adversity and unify his audience through a common bond of his lyrics.
Life's journey has taken Val on a ride that has strongly influenced his lyrics and passion for music. As it is often said, when we go through things in life, it is not always for ourselves, but to share with others. As an artist Val has journaled his experiences and the experiences of others in his music. He makes it easy for people to relate. He keeps his music authentic and true to life with a vivid message of overcoming adversity, never giving up, and keeping the faith. Sometimes life puts us in a position to become stronger human beings. There are no shortcuts to the lessons to be learned. When we walk through the fire it refines us, allows us to see who we really are and discover what really matters. It is by God's grace we remain here on this earth to continue making a difference and reaching out to one another.

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